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Miniature Schnauzer Grooming

Miniature Schnauzer Grooming Is A Very Important Aspect In Maintaing The Classic Look The Miniature Schnauzer Breed Is Known For. Miniature Schnauzers Look Awesome Professionally Groomed


Reberstein’s Offers Professional Grooming For Your Miniature Schnauzer

At Rebersteins we professionally  groom pet quality and show quality  Miniature Schnauzers by appointment only. Miniature Schnauzer grooming is what we do, and we are the absolute best groomers available. Reberstein’s Miniature Schnauzers is conveniently located in Brandon, Florida and we have over 19 years of experience in dog grooming.  The Miniature Schnauzer is a unique and handsome dog breed, but to maintain the appropriate appearance it takes professional grooming.  Grooming of the Miniature Schnauzer is an important aspect of the breed and extenuates that timeless classic look of the Miniature Schnauzer.  We will teach you the do’s and the don’ts when it comes to Miniature Schnauzer Grooming.


Grooming Fees

Complete Grooming  $75.00

Bathing                                   Conditioning

Detangling                              Combing

Brushing                                 Blow Drying

Scissoring                               Clipping

Styling                                     Ear Cleaning

Nail Trimming                      Anal Gland Discharge

Tear Duct                               Cologne Spritz

Extreme matting surcharge……………$25.00

Stripping in 4 sessions…………………$150.00

 *Grooming takes a minimum of 2 hours*

 Reberstein’s Miniature Schnauzers appreciates your business!

Make your Miniature Schnauzer 

a star and book your next

grooming appointment with

Reberstein’s Miniature Schnauzers!

Grooming Appointment

Grooming The Miniature Schnauzer


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Instructional Video On Proper Technique For Rolling The Miniature Schnauzer Coat

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